Get Killer-Sounding Vocals in Your Home Studio

“You can’t get great-sounding vocals in a home studio.”

Is that what you’ve heard? Yeah, me too. As it turns out, whoever said that is wrong.

I’ve been recording myself singing since I was a little kid with a cassette recorder. I would wear out that poor little tape, recording over and over and over again.

Fast forward a bunch of years, and I still LOVE to record vocals, and I’ve gotten good at getting great vocal tone…right here in my home studio, AKA a spare bedroom in my house.

Who am I? My name is Joe Gilder. I’m a musician and recording engineer, and I run the popular home recording website I’m also a long-time vocalist, so I know the ups and downs of recording vocals, from both sides of the microphone.

What is it?Recording Killer Vocals

Recording Killer Vocals is a 4-week course. No, you don’t have to come meet me in Nashville, I’ll be delivering everything right to your computer. This was a live class I held, and now you have access to all the recordings from that class. If you want to get things rolling now and start getting better vocal guitar recordings, keep reading… Here’s the structure of the course:

Week 1 Video The Keys to Recording Vocals

In this video I’ll share with you a whole wealth of information that you can use to start getting better, more consistent, vocal recordings. I’ll be covering…

  • Mic Choice - Should you use a dynamic or condenser mic? Ribbon?
  • Mic Placement – Do I just slap a mic in front of the singer? Or is there more to it?
  • The Room - How much does the room affect the sound of the recording? And how can I make my room sound as good as possible?
  • The Gear – What are my go-to pieces of gear for every vocal session (some may surprise you).
  • The Psychology - Singing is a very personal experience for the vocalist. We’ll take a look at how to create an environment that promotes awesome performances.
  • The Process - My step-by-step process for recording vocals.

Week 2 Video In the Studio – Vocal Recording Session

Week 2 will be a little different. I’ll deliver to you a high-quality, high-definition video, direct from my home studio. I’ll go through the process of actually recording a vocal for you. I’ll walk you through the process, and we’ll look at all the different challenges that can arise during a vocal recording session. And yes, I’ll be recording a real vocal track to a real song. I’ll show you the techniques we learned in week 1. You’ll get to see and hear how I record vocals in my home studio. I will walk you through the process. You’ll get to hear me try out various mics and positions. Week 2 is where the rubber meets the road. I could teach everything in Week 1 and call it a day, but you’ll get so much more out of this if you can see these techniques in action and hear the results. You’ll walk away from this video with an arsenal of techniques that you can use in your NEXT vocal session.

Week 3 Video Mistakes to Avoid

For Week 3, I’ll show you  a big list of…you guessed it…MISTAKES. I’m a big fan of studying the proper way to do things, but sometimes you learn even more from the mistakes of others. Rather than spend the next 10 years and countless hours making your own mistakes, join this class and I’ll share with you all the mistakes I’ve made over the years. It’ll save you a LOT of time. This might be my favorite part of the class. :-)

Week 4 Video Vocal Mixing Techniques

During Week 4 I’ll walk you through the process of mixing vocals. Being able to record a great-sounding vocal track is only half of the process. You’ve got to be able to make it sit in the mix and sound killer. That’s what I’ll show you on Week 4. You’ll learn how to decide which effects to use. How to EQ and compress the vocal to “sit” in the mix properly. I’ll share with you everything I know about mixing vocals, and give you LOTS of real-world examples as you watch me pull up various mixes, on-screen, in my studio.

So…how much?
Recording Killer Vocals is packed with value. You’re getting:

  • In-Depth Training – from a guy who has spent countless hours recording and mixing vocals
  • High-Quality HD Videos – This will be high-value content – stuff you can use today.
  • Lifetime Access – You can attend the live events, then watch the recordings as many times as you want. You’ll never be locked out from the members area. Plus, if I ever add new content in the future, you’ll have access to that absolutely free.

All that for $147 today.

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  • Improve your vocal recordings
  • Improve your vocal mixes
  • Become more confident in your ability to record and mix vocals
  • Have a lot of fun

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If within 60 days of joining you’re simply not happy. Let me know, and I’ll refund everything you’ve paid, no questions asked. I want you to get a ridiculous amount of value out of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a live class? No. This was originally a live class, but now I’m making the recording available for purchase. Are the videos streaming or downloads? All the videos are downloadable HD Videos, yours to watch on your computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc…and they’re yours to keep forever.

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